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Originally Posted by Busy Bee View Post
Wait! There's still time to have even more stuff going on with the design!
Its crazy to think that one resident will have 6 floors. He or she essentially lives in their own mid rise.

Originally Posted by Hypothalamus View Post
South Bronx is trying to come back! Hopefully we get some high-rise proposals along the Harlem River now.
Its a great time for the Bronx. Population wise, it definitely is rising fast which is a positive outlook for the borough as it is now seen as a desirable location instead of somewhere to avoid. Same thing is happening to Harlem. In a sense, its full blown gentrification, but, from a development standpoint, with respect to highrises and mid rises, its providing a steady stream of construction. I only wonder how De Blasios affordable housing plan will impact the Bronx, and the potential projects that loom in a vast pipeline of daily proposals and construction.
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