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A Cascadia bullet train: Time to move to next level or ‘kill this thing right now’?


- A new government report on high-speed rail in the Pacific Northwest recommends that Oregon, Washington and British Columbia formalize their interest in a Cascadia bullet train by creating an independent body to plan and eventually build it. But a critic associated with a conservative think tank responded that the region should take heed of California’s high-speed rail woes and put a spike in the Cascadia bullet train ambitions. --- The new study by hired consultants examined governance and financing options. This report builds on previous state-sponsored studies that asserted there are sufficient demand and a business case for trains running at up to 250 miles per hour between Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia.

- The consultants’ report said one of the first jobs of the coordinating entity should be to select a technology for the “ultra-high-speed ground transportation” corridor. The study laid out multiple options including traditional high-speed rail, magnetic levitation trains or a hyperloop, in which passengers zip along in capsules that are propelled electrically down sealed low air pressure tubes. In any case, the aspired travel times are about one hour between Portland and Seattle and another hour from Seattle to Vancouver, British Columbia. nother job of the coordinating entiThe envisioned top speed of 250 mph for the Cascadia high-speed train project is faster than other rail services on the horizon in North America.ty would be to build a broader coalition of support and "ensure deep and equitable local engagement across the corridor."


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