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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
^ Interesting idea, ideally you could have a station at Washington Square so people could change to the subways to head downtown or to Brooklyn.

It might be easier to connect ESA's stub tracks to Atlantic Terminal, though... that way LIRR would control the whole facility. Or you could combine the two into a four-track tunnel with access to LIRR and MNRR at the north, and NJT/LIRR Atlantic at the south. Then Manhattan has a north/south rail trunk to complement the east-west one thru Penn.

This is frighteningly similar to what i was planning on posting but with one key difference. I would have the NJT Hoboken tunnel forgo a weird isolated terminal on the West Side Highway and instead cross Manhattan under Canal or Houston with one or two intermediate Manhattan stations at subways, turning southeast weaving under the vicinity of the Baruch housing projects and shooting under the East River, skirting the southwest side of Brooklyn Navy Yard including a subterranean layover yard and terminating at a vastly expanded and reimagined Atlantic Terminal which hopefully one day would be the second-to-last stop on the JFK superexpress to lower Manhattan. Obviously this would cost an extraordinary amount of money and require interagency cooperation but i believe if NY is to continue to thrive the region has to start thinking regionally. Thoughts?

On a side note amongst many possible sidenotes, i'd like to see PATH split at the curve at Sixth Ave and have one line head across Manhattan under 9th St with an Astor Place station with subway connections to 6 R W and continuing to Tompkins Square Park where a large station under the park could be constructed big enough for extra tracks for layover trains OR turn north under Ave B and terminating near the ConEd generating plant that when decommissioned is poised to become a huge redevelopment opportunity OR turn north under First Ave terminating at the southwest corner of ST-PCV w/ L connection or even continuing to vicinity of the UN.

I could keep going but I'll stop...

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