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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
^ Interesting idea, ideally you could have a station at Washington Square so people could change to the subways to head downtown or to Brooklyn.

It might be easier to connect ESA's stub tracks to Atlantic Terminal, though... that way LIRR would control the whole facility. Or you could combine the two into a four-track tunnel with access to LIRR and MNRR at the north, and NJT/LIRR Atlantic at the south. Then Manhattan has a north/south rail trunk to complement the east-west one thru Penn.
The idea of an intermediate station between Grand Central and Hoboken in lower Manhattan with good subway connections is very tempting but I'm also pretty leery for cost and schedule reasons. The MTA's insatiable lust for huge deep cavern stations gives me a lot of pause.

Connecting to Atlantic would be easier but less useful than a trans-Hudson link since East River transit is much less constrained. It would avoid turf war but I'm not even sure LIRR is interested in that given other potential uses for billions in funding. Though if that was the cost of letting NJT/Amtrak also in then I'd be fine with it.

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