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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
Because the existing Hudson tubes already desperately need refurbishment and Gateway is supposed to provide a alternate route for trains while this work is ongoing.

A tunnel from Hoboken would help (some) NJT lines but would not be useful for Amtrak. And that is the other reason - an NJT-only project has to compete for transit funds whereas a tunnel that Amtrak will use can be funded from intercity rail funds, maybe even justify a dedicated appropriation from Congress based on its “national importance”.
National or local importance should be justify by ridership.
Of Amtrak's 30 million plus ridership pre covid, per NY Penn Wiki:
Amtrak has 10.4 million passengers
NJT has 27.3 million passengers
LIRR has 69.7 million passengers

Of the total 107.4 million passengers at NY Penn, Amtrak at 10.4 million passengers makes up less than 10%. Dropping LIRR from the total, with 37.7 million passengers using the tunnels under the Hudson River, Amtrak's 10.4 million passengers makes up 27.5%.

I'll admit 10.4 million passengers is a significant number, but compared to over 90% of the riders using NY Penn being local, and 72.5% of the passengers in the tunnels are riding NJT trains, that is a tough sale suggesting it is of national importance.

Over 62 million passengers use JFK airport. With its higher passengers, would you not suggest it is far more important nationally than all of Amtrak?
Over 29 million passengers use LaGuardia airport. With equivalent Amtrak national passengers, would you not suggest it is as important as all of Amtrak?
Over 9.9 million tourists visited Hawaii by airlines and cruise ships. Compared to Hawaii significantly smaller population, would you suggest that airlines and cruise ships are of national importance?
Over 1 million passengers visit Alaska by cruise ships. Compared to Alaska significantly smaller population, would you suggest that cruise ships are of national importance?

During the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy flooding the tunnels, did NYC intercity travel to other cities within the USA or internationally come to a complete and utter halt?
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