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Originally Posted by someone123 View Post
It seems to me that commercial space downtown generally takes much longer to find tenants for, but that they come eventually.

I am most interested to see who's going to move in at the Roy and Green Lantern. I'd expect it to take another 2 years for the "dust to settle" along that stretch and for it to hit a new steady state of tenants and activity.

Likewise Bishop Street could turn into a real gem in a few years with a couple more changes.
The fundamental problem with commercial space in this area is that HRM continues to do things that make DT more and more inaccessible and uninviting to those who do not live there. As they continue to choke off access from outside the DT core (an issue that will become acute once they begin demolition and reconstruction of Cogswell) most commercial space will have to rely upon only those who live DT as their customer base, with perhaps also some support from those who work there 9-5 (although as traffic worsens one suspects those people will want to get out of DT as quickly as they can). Few who live on outlying parts of the peninsula or in the suburbs will bother to try to get DT to patronize the latest trendy restaurant or boutique given the pain of trying to get there and park. Will that be enough to support all of the new space? Only time will tell, but I suspect not.
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