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Originally Posted by Minato Ku View Post

Looking more detailled figures, I was suprised to see that Toronto has higher figures in summer than in winter (it's maybe I'm Parisian, a city that empties out in summer) and that data including weekends have HIGHER figures than the average data excluding weekends.

Exemple for highway 401 busiest section.
Summer Fridays are probably the busiest traffic days of the entire year and likely skew the weekly numbers up. The highway network basically acts a funnel from the entire GTA onto the 400/404 going North to Muskoka. Leaving from Downtown Toronto at 3pm, you could realistically be in stop-and-go traffic all the way to Barrie.

It never seems as bad coming back into the city though. I drove back from Muskoka this past holiday Monday and it was smooth sailing all the way to Downtown. I think the distribution of return trips is more evenly distributed as some come back on Sunday, or extend their vacation into the week.
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