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Australia Demographics & Census

Hi Folks I'm from the Canada Section! I love Australia but I've noticed
that there are no reliable sources for the Countries Ethnic Demographics
anywhere on the internet, & the Australian Government has also not released much reliable information on the Subject, so I figured I would start this thread
to correct this & get more information from actual Aussies & Kiwi's (& others that have been to/ traveled to the country). I'm also
interested in visiting, (& maybe even living in Australia) I live in Canada
right now.

Australia Demographics:
Population's 2015:

1st Sydney: 4,927,259
2nd Melbourne: 4,465,055
3rd Brisbane: 2,327,552
4th Perth: 2,053,448
5th Adelaide: 1,321,791

(Those are all my Estimates as of September 1st 2015, will
add more later & too busy to get it done at the exact date).
Now for the Ethnic Makeup!

79.7% White people
12% Asian people
3% Indigeneous Australians
2% Black people
1.4% Other
1% Latin Americans
0.8% Bi-racial

67.1% White People
19.5% Asian People
4.2% Others
3.2% Black People
3% Indigeneous Australians
2% Bi-racial
1% Latin Americans

71% White People
18.7% Asian People
4.2% Others
3% Black People
1.1% Bi-racial
1% Indigeneous Australians
1% Latin Americans

79.8% White People
9% Asian People
4.5% Indigeneous Australians
3.5% Black People
1.8% Others
1.4% Bi-racial

80.5% White People
10.7% Asian People
4.1% Indigeneous Australians
2% Black People
1.5% Others
0.7% Bi-racial
0.5% Latin Americans

84.5% White People
8.6% Asian People
2.8% Indigeneous Australians
2% Black People
1.2% Others
0.5% Bi-racial
0.4% Latin Americans

The Rest of the Country has Black Populations below 2% Correct? :/

So Folks how close am I to being right?
Also I will have the Population Estimates of these &
a few other Australian Cities soon bye & enjoy!

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