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ANAHEIM | LT Platinum Center | FT | 28 & 26 Floors | ON HOLD

"Plans call for a mega-development complete with a 28-story condo tower, a 26-story hotel, a theater, alfresco dining and an indoor surfing park. The Anaheim project — planned on 14 acres at the corner of State College Boulevard and Orangewood Avenue — is part of a wave of Asian investment in large-scale Southern California developments.

Anaheim unveiled plans for the so-called Platinum Triangle more than a decade ago, pitching the neighborhood as a downtown for all of Orange County.

"Our entire goal is to create a sense of place for the Platinum Triangle … to get back to the vision the city originally had," said Randy Jefferson, an executive director for developer LT Global Investment Inc., a U.S. subsidiary of Beijing's LT Commercial Real Estate.

The developer, however, must first cut a deal with the Angels and the city to secure the needed parking for such a large development. Adding another layer of uncertainty, the Angels have explored moving elsewhere as negotiations with Anaheim over stadium renovations have stalled."
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