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Originally Posted by Last paragraph of Steely's article
The city has applied for $18 million in federal congestion-relief funds to launch the bike-sharing program, said said Luann Hamilton, a city deputy transportation commissioner.
So let's see if we can find out if they got the money. That will tell us if these additional stations are actually funded, or merely planned.


Update #1: Here is the list of grant awards for that program. $18 million for bikesharing *is* on the list. However, it is a 5 year list, meaning $18 million is the total allocated over a 5 year period. It doesn't say whether all the money is up front, or spread out over several years. I will keep looking.

Update #2: The $18 million is over three years. No word on how much of it is in the first year. I'm tired of looking and am going to stop.
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