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Originally Posted by KVNBKLYN View Post
I think the general public and some people who read about this project on this thread are still under the impression that this is a new train station independent of Penn Station. (A woman on the tour asked if Penn Station would close down when Moynihan Station opened!) This is not a new station. The station is where the trains stop and the tracks and platforms will be where they have always been. What's called Moynihan Station is just a new entrance to Penn Station with greatly improved passenger facilities.
I think the name confuses some people, and the fact that above ground it is something "new", and would appear to be accross the street. But underground, it all connects. The platforms beneath Moynihan are there, but there is no public access as it now stands. Trains currently stop between 7th and 8th Avenues, with a little walking to reach either exit. The difference between Moynihan and where Amtrak and NJ Transit trains now stop is shown in the image below:

A block may not seem like a lot, but it is in terms of the way Penn Station works. It is sometimes impossible to even get into the station when the crowds are so large. But the new Moynihan station will releive that as it expands into the Farley building with a large, new concurse/terminus. But beyond that, it gives the station a visible presence as well, something that it lost when the original was demolished. One final thing to keep in mind - the LIRR, which is the largest user of Penn Station, will continue to operate where it currently does, even as it expands into Grand Central.


Here Now, a Sneak Peek at the New Madison Square Garden

Wednesday, October 19, 2011, by Sara Polsky

Madison Square Garden is in the midst of a long-awaited $775 million makeover, and the pieces of that makeover are finally starting to come together. The powers that be at the Garden led a press tour this afternoon, and while we weren't invited (where's the love, MSG?), we spied a few pics on the @MSGnyc Twitter feed. In the gallery above, some views of the West Balcony, the lower bowl, the new 8th floor Garden Concourse, and the future location of those 200-foot-long catwalks, which we now know will be called the Chase Bridges. We're a little sad to see the disappearance of the teal and purple seating color scheme, but the catwalks will cheer us up.

Where the skybridges, called Chase Bridges, will be

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