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Originally Posted by CoolCzech View Post

Well, since the OLD Madison Square Garden is in the process of being completely renovated... I guess it will NOT be a part of Moynihan Station.

What's up with Moynihan Station? Is this project dead?
Depends what you mean by Moynihan Station.

The renovation of the Farley building into a new entrance for Amtrak users is now referred to as Phase II. Phase I, which only includes building the West End concourse beneath the Farley building and upgrading the ventilation systems of Penn Station, has begun pre-construction, but won't get fully underway until next year (see below).

As for demolishing Madison Square Garden and creating a great new above-ground portion of Penn Station (sometimes referred to as Moynihan West), that's not in the cards for now or the foreseeable future, largely because MSG doesn't want to move. MSG has embarked on pretty lame (but oddly expensive) interior renovations (as mentioned above) probably because they will have real competition for events starting next year when the Barclay Center opens. I have a feeling if Barclay starts seriously cutting into MSG's concert and event business, they might be motivated to go ahead with a more ambitious renovation that could include substantial renovations to Penn, or even move to a new facility altogether. But that's all speculation on my part.

From Moynihan Phase I project pdfs on the ESDC's website:

Phase 1 Schedule
100% Construction Documents – August 2011
Release Construction Management RFP – May 2011
Release Construction Contractors RFQ – May 2011
Release Bid Package (s) – September 2011
Preliminary Work Order Contract – Summer 2011
Initial Amtrak Force Account Begins – Fall 2011
Phase 1 Construction Begins – March 2012
Phase 1 Construction Complete – September 2016
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