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Vancouver's skyline will definitely be getting taller in the near future. It has already begun to with what will be the top three tallest buildings in the city all currently u/c - the Shangri-La, the Ritz, and the Hotel Georgia.

With these new taller buildings setting a precedent, developers have been increasing pressure to go higher still with more tall concepts being floated around at the moment - no official proposals as of yet though.

Next year the City will be reviewing its height restrictions ("view cones") which if relaxed could result in many new taller proposals. However, I think it will be quite some time until we see a 1000-footer. I doubt view cones would be relaxed to such a degree any time soon, plus we need a few more in the 600-900ft range to bridge the gap a bit.

Thanks for keeping us updated Hed Kandi. You're doing a great job as usual.
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