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Here are a few more pics from my trip, as promised.

Early morning rush-hour traffic, heading south on EDSA, near Cubao/Quezon City. Unfortunately, this pic doesn't do justice to the amount of traffic we really encountered on this road.

If there isn't a worse time and place to be in a vehicle in Metro Manila, please let me know...

Here are a series of pics taken while traveling on the Blue Line / MRT. One thing I noticed while waiting for the train at the Ayala station was the high-degree of security; all passengers and bags were searched prior to boarding, and there were guards (with dogs) everywhere.

Not the best images, but I wasn't able to get the flash working half the time (I was borrowing someone else's camera for the day). Some later remarked that I was lucky to even take pictures without being questioned.

Ayala station, northbound, around 2:00pm. It was a lot more crowded than I anticipated for a mid-afternoon. Just missed the previous train, but the wait was only about 5 minutes.

Trying to board. Between train arrivals, the platform filled up fast.

We headed back to Makati after finishing our business in Quezon City. I found the traffic on Quezon Ave. to be nearly as challenging as that on Edsa.

The Quezon Ave. station, heading southbound, around 7:00pm. Pretty crowded platform for an inbound train during the evening rush hour.

Inside the train. A light-rail car, it reminds me a lot of the Muni in San Francisco or the Green line in Boston, only this train has the dedicated right-of-way, with elevated tracks. Our car didn't appear as packed as those heading northbound.

From the airport, one last pano before we left. Hopefully, I will be back very soon.

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