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Re: the McKinley Park site. Perhaps I've got something mixed up here. I may have been thinking of the Brighton Park site. Was there talk of a potential stadium there? - I could have sworn I heard something about this.

Anyways, I suppose this is a good spot to throw out my Southside combined Sox/Fire sports complex idea. I'll just copy and paste from a previous post:

I mentioned this like a year ago but I would love to see a massive sports complex on the land bounded by 63rd/State and the chicane of the Dan Ryan. It could have direct transit connections to the Red Line and a new Englewood station for Metra incorporated into a large campus featuring a new stadium for the Sox and Fire and maybe even a velodrome on site. What a view that would have looking north up 90/94 to the Loop. Just a dream of mine. Not sure anyone else sees it.
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