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They are textured. The glass with curtains behind is a layered material with made with a black/white opacity map which determines what material appears where. So a glass material shows only in a part of it, the metal in another, etc. It also has a bump texture.

The curtains are another texture. I simply created in Sketchup a matrix of X x Y components then used a random selector to make components unique and change their shape (so i had curtains with different heights)

Having that matrix I made a screenshot and at a paint program I extracted the background and made it transparent.

Then I applied this texture to big planes the same shape as the facades but a few centimeters behind it. It DOES repeat horizontally about every 15 windows and vertically every 25 i think.

I can show the textures and secrets next Thursday. I am at the beach right now using my tablet and with limited internet access. Wednesday I return to my city apartment
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