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Originally Posted by Jawnadelphia View Post
It's been a very exciting month or so for the First State's most iconic hotel and maybe building - Hotel du Pont. Biden/Harris essentially took over the Hotel from the announcement of VP Harris thru the DNC on the Riverfront. Harris stayed at the hotel for a lot of those days. Secret Service was all over downtown, it certainly brought a new energy to the area!

I totally forgot that BPG (who owns the building now) has been converting some of the office space into luxury apartments, and those units are now leasing - it is being marketed as - 101 dupont place. Living at the Hotel du Pont... interesting.

On the ground floor, acclaimed Philly chef Tyler Akin took over the Hotel's historic Green Room, and has now opened a "modern French brasserie" with some modest renovations to the dining space -- the new restaurant is called, Le Cavalier at the Green Room.

And finally, the food hall/bar, DE.CO also on the ground floor, that opened last year - has survived covid! and re-opened yesterday. Very happy about that.

so...lots happening at the old, 107 years old Gilded Age palace.
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