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Originally Posted by IMBY View Post
I was just reading a book about Trump and in the book it touched on the Trump Tower, which is 58 floors, but to sell the more expensive top 10 floors, it was advertised as a 64 story tower.

I know from experience, having done out-call massages to the Strip hotels in Las Vegas, the 4's were eliminated (to help cater to Asians who find 4's unlucky), yes, you go from the 39th floor to the 50th floor. the Palazzo hotel is not 64 floors, but 54 floors. Same with the Wynn towers.

And, yes, I know, with the 13 missing on many elevators, the # of floors is exaggerated as well.

So, my question is, how can they can by with this, exaggerating the # of floors in a building, and why aren't more developers doing the same? IMO, this is clearly false advertising!
You're right, it is false advertising. They should impeach him.
This happens all the time, right or wrong. 30 Hudson Yards is advertised as being 92 stories, but it is really only 68. They didn't even do anything like pandering to people who are supposedly superstitious*, they just jumped 10 floors here, 5 floors there, etc. There is a conversion chart at the construction hoists so that people can figure out what floor they're actually supposed to deliver stuff to.
*- my own opinion, I seriously doubt that there are very many people who would not stay at a hotel that has a 13th floor, for example, certainly not enough to justify skipping it. And I never heard of the 4 superstition, certainly never heard of a building that did away with floor numbers containing the number 4 for that reason. But even if that is a thing, people need to realize that there is a 13th floor, or a 44th floor or whatever, regardless of what you call it. Calling it the 12th or 14th floor does not alter the fact that it is really the 13th floor.
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