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I don't have all the answers, all I know is when it comes to infrastructure and transport I'm not an incrementalist. I'm afraid that some of these conventional rail projects are not helping us get to where we want to be, they are delaying it or preventing it alltogether. I will ask two questions: Now that FEC is operating, does anyone think a true high speed rail network will actually come about in the next 30 years? I have my doubts, because people will say, look we already have a train, see. And as a hypothetical, could the Florida HSR program been revived under a Democratic gov, but now that Brightline seems to have replaced it's goals, would it have even been a conversation? I have my doubts. Go to 10,000 feet. What I see is one of the nations fastest growing states that could have easily justified building out a 160mph HSR map, is now supposed to pretend a conventional speed train operated by Virgin (oooo sexy) is supposed to revolutionize mobility in the state.
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