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Originally Posted by spyguy View Post
Don't forget the new 8 or 9 story Malcolm X College: . It's supposed to have an enormous parking garage though; not sure if that's in anticipation of redeveloping some of the UC lots or strictly just for students.
From the article:

That's the first image I've seen of this project, also had no idea it would be so tall, guess I was expecting something lowrise like the building they are in now. Looks like it will be nice and modern, any idea who is designing it. Also, says they want to be finished working on it by December, 2015, they had better get working on it then, they've only got 20 months at this point. Any idea when they will start work? Can't wait for that lot to bite the dust. We might finally be seeing the beginning of the end of the United Sea of Parking.
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