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Originally Posted by smArTaLlone View Post
Previous Threads:
Atlanta Construction Thread I
Atlanta Construction Thread II
Atlanta Construction Thread III
Atlanta Construction Thread IV
Atlanta Construction Thread V

Here is a quick rundown of the construction projects just to get the thread started. More information will be added such as proposals/renderings as time permits.

     Name                                   Use          Neighborhood   Floors  Completion

Under Construction:
  1. Apogee Midtown                      Residential       Midtown      39       ____
Does Apogee Midtown include Whole Foods or is that a separate project?

I'm going back to Atlanta in late November for the first time since January after living abroad. I can't wait to see how much of it has changed. I had the presence of mind to take some "before" pictures before leaving so I should be able to do some before and afters, especially from spots clearly visible within Spire
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