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Originally Posted by KevinFromTexas View Post
Oh my. Now that is a nice tower. That could end up being iconic for Houston. And it looks like there's an observation deck up there just below the crown.

What is the address for this location?
agreed. and i was hoping/thinking that may be what the 50th floor is. it definitely looks a little different than the other floors. the swamplot article still says 41 stories, but i counted the floors in the rendering and its 50, not 41. there do appear to be about 41 floors above a 9ish story parking garage though, so maybe the tower was never reduced to 41 stories, they just started calling it a 41 story tower because it was on a 9 story podium/garage? this thing is going to POP at night with the strip of color changing LEDs down the curved edge.

the address is the block bound by Preston, Prairie, Milan, and Travis. not sure on a specific block number.
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