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Originally Posted by FrAnKs View Post
You can't traduce words by words as you know, but the word ''Celui''(Sel-wi)
could probably mean ''That'' or ''this''. This one / Celui-là.

Because we use genders in french, we also have Celle ( The feminine of ''Celui'' ).

Feminine : J'aime cette table, c'est celle-là que je préfère ( I love this table, I prefer that one )

Masculine : J'aime ce film, c'est celui-là que je préfère ( I love this movie, I prefer that one )

And don't forget to us ''Le'' or ''La'' after a verb it's very important.

... J'aime le / la ( Something )-> J'aime LE film , Je vois LA ville, Je sens LA mer .... etc...

The most difficult finally, is to know by heart, what is Feminine or Masculine and where are going the é, è, ç, ê.
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