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Originally Posted by greenparrot View Post
The last time I rode thru that area it hardly resembled an "intact neighborhood" but one of our many decaying neighborhoods with little hope of improvement. I'm sorry but it really is a dumpy area. Preserve Dixie and the German haus...tha't a good idea.

Maybe with the new VA hospital and maybe Charity the surrounding area will be seen as more viable and be salvageable..thereby preserving some of our unique areas and inducing investment and maybe even creating an area people would actually want to live in. You can't have this vibrant city you want to live in by continually poo=pooing projects with this NIMBY attitude many have. We have to come to the realization that much of our housing stock in this city and the neoghborhoods they reside are places most people with any means would never want to live much less raise a family in. We will also have to realize that some of the decay/cancer will have to be cut out and new seeds planted to preserve at least some of what we have.

I'm not sure what the planning of the 1960's had to do with Iberville or Magnolia.
I agree. That "neighborhood" is really not a good area, and it was hit hard from Katrina. I've heard so many people say something like it's a "wholesale destruction of an entire neighborhood" and such over and over, but to say that in my opinion is a HUGE overstatement. How many shotgun houses does one city need? If we want to really save this city, e've got to start making things easier for developers. That's the only way we'll get new ideas going.

I'm not saying that we should just tear down anything anytime, but I think a project of this magnitude would justify the damage. These hospitals deserve modern facilities, but if we don't build it here, where would it go? It's not like there's just tons of empty land sufficient to construct a hospital on. But I guess that's my question: if not this plan, then where else would be better?

Thanks for the info on the Walgreens/Robert's, guys.
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