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right on Mill Ave near where the light rail is going in?


I'd venture to guess where Monti's is now. Did/are they going to sell their property? I would think Mission Palms, but I don't think they'd give up their overflow parking... but maybe.

BTW, anyone know what's going in where Long Wongs used to be? And when? I noticed they demo'ed the building a few weeks ago.

BTW2, anyone notice the small building going in at 10th (?) and Mill? It's a semi-cool, perfect infill building where the old Dairy Queen used to be. I'm wondering what it is. It looks like some kind of art space or retail. If they put something on the SW corner where the gas station used to be, Mill could definitely take off south of University even more than what's established.

We need a Tempe projects thread.
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