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^The only project that isn't under construction (among the ones listed on the front page) is Two Christina Center. Brandywine Realty Trust, the developer for Two Christina Center, is very interested in building the project, but is waiting for the other projects going up to shake out. However, if they land a large tenant, they'll start much sooner.

The garage IS being built. Settlement on the properties is set for Sept. 12th, and construction will start the 13th (believe me, EDiS is anxious to get this project done!).

Juniper is having its piles driven.

Renaissance Centre has been quiet. I'm assuming they are still investigating whether or not they can knock down the rest of the existing buildings and rebuild replicas, or if they have to keep them. Either way, the site is cleared, and a few hollow piles have been driven.

WSFS Bank Center (previously known as Gateway Center) has its site cleared and piles being driven. This should be a quick build, with occupancy expected at the end of 2006.

The Amtrak station refurbishment and addition has been on the drawing boards for five years now. Sounds like they've gotten most of the pieces in place to get this started (design work at least).

The Buccini/Pollin project mentioned in the article above sounds like its ready to go. It's funny BPG never released their plans for it yet, though.

--Other plans that aren't so likely in the next few years are: a transportation hub for intercity busses and DART (an enclosed bus loading/unloading Port Authority type setup), and a redevelopment of the Fort Christina marina on the 7th Street peninsula.

The bus terminal would include a parking garage and possibly multiple office floors on top to house DART operations and administrative staff. This is in the very preliminary stages, and with the DelDOT budget shortfall, it made the list of deferred funding.

The Fort Christina marina was put out for a RFP (request for proposal) back in December or January. The city has reviewed the two proposals for it, but are mum on what those are or if they are feasible/desirable for the city. Who knows?

Things are looking up...literally.

For the pie in the sky stuff look here.

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