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Originally Posted by jd3189 View Post
I'm guessing you aren't aware of the posts before on other threads that compared the streetcar suburb densities of Detroit, LA, and other cities back in the 1920s- 1950s era. This era, while not the prewar greatness that most people praise as the highest standard, was still a great hybrid for modern American cities.

Other cities that were built then were Miami ( which is why I wonder why it was immediately associated with Phoenix, which really developed afterward), Western SF, and maybe every other US city that was still developing at that time like NYC with the Bronx and suburban Queens.

Yeah, not everything will be the same between both cities, but that shouldn't stop some reasonable comparsions.
None of this has anything to do with the reality that is today. What cities didn't have street car suburbia in the 1920s-30s?

Detroit? Pedestrians, cars, grid, old buildings.
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