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Originally Posted by edluva View Post
fo guang shan is what happens if disney was given a billion dollars to build a buddhist theme park. it is exaggerated, tacky, and commercialized.

why do so many taiwanese people seem to connect the size of their buddhist shrine to their devotion?

this is what happens when some older generation taiwanese tycoons with way more money than taste suddenly develop a religious conscience. the younger generations of taiwan can't take control of their country any sooner.

and i'm sure there are a number of good projects underway, but still, it is shocking to see the gap the has grown between kaohsiung and taipei in terms of progress. and kaohsiung pearl is still far from certain. much of it depends on how long the country's real estate bubble survives.
It is how this buddish culture happen right now. These rich people have right to make these decisions. Somebody like it, somebody don't like. If you don't like it, you should go there and challenge it. Not here. Like Sea Shepherd or Gordon Ramsey against Shark Fin. Don't need to waste your time here. It does not work and it does not help. Nothing is going to happen from this thread.

For Kaohsiung Pearl, it is far from design stage. Still, this project is in good position which is between Kaohsiung Port Terminal and Kaohsiung Pop Music Center.
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