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Originally Posted by Josh M View Post
Well setting up the website would be easy although we would need to advertise and get it out to public
Are you interested in setting up a website? What website hosting would you recommend? The following link recommends Hostpapa . I don't mind paying the monthly fee for the next 2 years but I am not proficient at doing websites.

I would not recommend setting it up for donations since there is a liability involved but I would be interested in contacting people at the HRM to see if someone trusted in the HRM would establish a trust fund. Then donations could be redirected to a trust fund once it is set up. The website would be just for information material (proposed locations and designs).

Since it would be best to have a group of people meet and agree on planning and website information, I would recommend that a group is established first to contribute to the website. For this plan to be successful (building a stadium) it will have to be run like a business. I can see a lot of potential problems if it is not done with the blessings of people in the HRM council since in the end they will be the ones that can actually get the stadium built.