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Well before Yamasaki died I remember reading online, and somewhere that if anything that he built was every destroyed he would reduce himself to building nothing. Or he said he would reduce himself to building only stubs.

Anyway I do remember from my readings why the original WTC was always a terrorist target in both the bombings of 1993, and their destruction on September 11th 2001. They were destroyed, because other people believed those two buildings were symbols of capitalism, and a symbol to the American economy. In case if anyone doesn't know why they were destroyed, but it is true that this building was a part of the American economy. At the time 50,000 people worked in, and out of the World Trade Center every day. It was a true symbol of our economy, and that is why I remember from a reading someone quoted was what led them to their fate. It was a horrible fate they said, but it was their fate. For the people that hated America, and the economics of America this was their target. They wanted to send these two buildings crashing down. They knew what these buildings meant, but from the person saying it a typical New Yorker like me just know it as a symbol of the New York, and the New York they love not an capitalistic building just a landmark, but what can you do about it they are just gone.

Those two buildings are the buildings that inspire me to become an architect like I said. Hopefully none of my buildings would suffer the fate the Twin Towers had suffered. As a person that wants to be architect any building to an architect is like their child, and if it gets hurt it hurts them. Now looking back it still hurts. The wounds are still there.

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