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Originally Posted by plinko View Post
You need to move it farther west than that. Remember that NYPD had specific setback requirements that actually caused them to move the 1WTC location farther back from West Street due to safety concerns. I would imagine that would apply here as well? From what I've read, the setback is 65ft from the base of the tower to the right-of-way at West Street.

I've also noticed on your plan that your 2nd tower actually sits slightly within the North Tower footprint. You need to shift it further west to be adjacent as the footprints are a no-go area.

Also note that West Street is likely under the jurisdiction of the New York STATE Department of Transportation as it is a state highway. Typically they have much different requirements for right-of-ways.

Notation: approx. 343ft from the SE corner of the North Pool to the WFC (perpendicular to the North Pool). If a tower is 200ft at the base with a 65ft setback and West Street is 85ft wide and the city requires the 25ft setback for the WFC to be maintained...
200+65+85+25 = 375ft.

If it can't be seen clearly in my map, I apologize, but I planned the east wall of my twin to be the west wall of the North Pool, so they would be directly next to each other.

As to the distance, I'm not quite sure where ya have this 65 feet figure from, since 1WTC is far closer to both Vesey Street and Fulton Street. Also, towers 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 are all far closer to streets than 65 feet.

Btw, if NYCDOT won't be able to answer the question I sent them, I'll ask NYSDOT
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