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Originally Posted by 25grapes View Post
Well it's up to the CFL and the individual teams to get those different backgrounds interested in the teams. Go to a game in Ottawa and Montreal it's full of diversity. Montreal would be fine with attendance if it hadn't been a basket case for last 5 seasons.
I agree, Montreal's declining attendance is probably strongly correlated with the fact that the team is a dumpster fire. And Montreal's tickets are not that cheap, especially to sit on a wooden bench. Not surprisingly, it's a tough sales proposition... "hey! why don't you spend a hundred bucks to come watch Johnny Manziel and a bunch of other guys you've never heard of try and break their 8 game losing streak!"

FWIW I find crowds at Bomber games to be generally pretty diverse. More so than Jets games, which tend to have very white crowds. I think being in the south end of the city, on a university campus has probably contributed to that.
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