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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
You do realize that was the whole point, right? In exchange for saving the High Line, the development rights were transferred to the adjacent lots, and those lots were intentionally zoned to create a canyon along the right-of way.

And, um, "who wants to walk there"? The problem with the High Line is it's too damn popular. You can't move.

I never quite understand why people complain about the High Line, and the development around it. Do people really think that once torn down, the area was going to remain the same? Probably would have been rezoned for denser development. But such as it is, I think it's succeeded beyond anyone's expectations. I recently took a trip down Atlanta's Beltline, and on every side there is similar growth. Also, like the High Line, very crowded. That means people lije it, and want to be there. Same thing applies to the High Line. So whenever I hear or see those comments from people about it being an undesirable place/experience, my eyes roll back in my head a little. Does it get crowded? You bet. Does New York City get crowded? You betcha.
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