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Originally Posted by Oberhafenjunge View Post
Thats a more general problem around here, not only Buenos Aires. I also started a list of false heights to post them as corrections and suggested a few corrections already.

What is interesting about all this to me is: can a measurement in google maps/earth be a sufficient source to add the height to a building here at SSP?
There is quite a bit of incongruence regarding heights and the requirement of sources and there is a lot of buildings without specified heights. if measuring them in google would be regarded a viable source this could be an easy way to fill in many of the missing heights (due to lack of source) for many buildings
Well, Dylan Leblanc usually puts Google Earth as the source. And since GE is more accurate than almost any other source, I think it's worth it (I think a couple of centimetres doesn't make a big difference, since even official sources can differ by 1 or 2 metres from each other).
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