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Originally Posted by Anders Franzén View Post
My experience is that it isn't too precise, but good enough.

In Google Earth you always substract the given ground level from the given height (above sea level) of the building. So it can always differ a meter or so.
An example:

Google Earth shows the ground level to be 10 m, when it is 9,6 m.

The height of a building is shown as 50 m above sea when it's 50.4 m.

This means that according to Google Earth, the building is 40 m, but in reality 40.8 m, or approx. 41 m.
In Google Earth Pro you can measure the height of the building without having to depend on the elevations, and that allows greater precision, which can avoid that minimum error (which is also nothing, taking into account that in the diagram of Buenos Aires there are buildings up to 15 m apart from their actual height).
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