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Originally Posted by 0214685226 View Post
In the pandemic era we live in, shuttered Big Box retailers could become Big Box Kitchens for delivery companies like DoorDash, UberEats and others. Drivers report to the central kitchen and deliver food from dozens of restaurants, under one roof. Restaurants that are clinging to life from delivery and a fraction of capacity with outdoor tables, could now close their brick and mortars, cut overhead and labor costs and focus entirely on delivery without sacrificing quality of food.
Nobody has yet figured out how to make money delivering prepared food. The companies like Doordash charge the restaurants around 30% of the tab and to make any money, those same restaurants would therefore have to raise prices of delivered food by that much or more. Together with the 15% minimum wage and mandated health and retirement benefits in cities like San Francisco, that would put eating delivered restaurant food way beyond the means of the middle as well as the working class.

Restaurants' willingness to eat the high cost of delivery is a temporary thing. They don't expect to really make any money--only survive until they can reopen indoor dining because everybody's been vaccinated (or is willing to take the risk if not). But something has to change about the business model of the deliverers themselves in the long run.
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