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There was a physics chapter in high school which covered this basic stuff peeps.

It was probably mentioned already, but... lighting color temperature has nothing to do with whether a lamp is LED (or compact or linear fluorescent).

LED lamps come in basically ALL color temperatures from around 2000K (warm; orange) to 6000K (cool; bluish)

The fact that Chicago chose those very bright white, "daylight" 4000-5000 Kelvin LED streetlamps must have been a conscious choice for one reason or another. Probably nighttime vision/safety and cost concerns.

LEDs are NOT exclusively bright white.

There are LED lamps for ALL lighting fixtures, including streetlamps, which glow in a color exactly the same as incandescent or sodium vapor or metal halide, etc.

This is a VERY basic lighting color temperature depiction of the most common CCT values.

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