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Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
^ you should probably add buffalo, Hamilton, and rochester.

Chicago is noticeably brickier than the other US great lakes cities because fire.

Also, chicago and detroit are pretty dead flat, but the others all have much more varied topography with deep ravines, lakeshore bluffs, valleys, rolling hills etc.

Now, no one is gonna mistake them for San Francisco or Hong Kong, but only chicago and detroit exhibit that true pancake flat topography.
Yeah Toronto's topography is pretty nice actually but definitely underappreciated. Most Canadians think of it as a flat concrete jungle but there is a lot more than that going on.

Most know of the Toronto islands but the bluffs and ravines are little known, generally

Scarborough Bluffs
by Philip Dunn, on Flickr

Misty Morning ~ Glen Stewart Ravine
by ~EvidencE~, on Flickr

Don Valley Brickworks
by mooncall2012, on Flickr

2017.07.18. Toronto
by P├ęter Cseke, on Flickr

Scarborough Bluffs Of Toronto
by Greg's Southern Ontario (catching Up Slowly), on Flickr
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