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Originally Posted by mt_climber13 View Post
I believe it is paid for with federal taxes, since it is on federal land.

That should get the alt-right’s depends in a knot.
Then you may well be wrong. The Presidio park is quite unique and, from a San Franciscan perspective, a victim of prejudice against the area by Congressional Republicans who imposed special requirements on it you won't find for other national parks:

Following the close of the Presidio as a military base in 1994, Congress placed the San Francisco property under the joint management of the National Park Service and the newly-created Presidio Trust Corporation (the Trust), an independent government corporation established to help develop and maintain the site. Under the Presidio Trust Act which created the corporation, the Trust was required to become financially self-sufficient by 2013. To assist the Trust in meeting this deadline, the House Appropriations Subcommittee on the Interior directed the National Academy to conduct a review of the Trust’s financial and business management practices in 2002. During the study, the National Academy Panel examined the Trust’s partnership with NPS, reviewed the Trust’s financial plans and budget projections, reviewed the capital and operating spending trade-offs between revenue producing and other environmental and cultural preservation and enhancement activities, and assessed the effectiveness of the organizational structure.

Why the Presidio, alone among all national parks, should have this requirement seems egregiously unfair. The park is no more dedicated to the enjoyment of locals only than is any other park includuing the many in urban areas.
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