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Originally Posted by Drybrain View Post
The thing that makes me nuts is that this is being covered in the press, committees are being formed, politicians are responding, etc, despite the fact that it's basically a non-issue.

Meanwhile real heritage buildings are really being threatened with real demolition, literally just done the street, and no one even seems aware of it.
I think these days any press about heritage conservation is a good thing (including your recent article - thank you!).

In reality, I highly doubt that any of these Schmidtville Victorians will be saved, but at least as the stories get out there the general public will be more aware, and maybe we will finally make the first steps to be on par with other places in this regard. It's long been agreed here that our heritage regulations are weak, so maybe stories like this will contribute to raising the level of awareness.

So, let politicians know that people care about our city's heritage structures, even if they don't 'deserve' to be saved, or if they 'obstruct' another condo building. If awareness is increased maybe it will lead to better conservation laws and situations like the BMO/Maritime Life building won't happen so easily in the future...
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