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Jesus,nobody is forcing him to get a dlsr and I have never heard people here ever stating that dslrs are a must for serious photography.Sorry UE but it looks like your own personal hangup and something you need to get over.I think most people here have normal jobs and do photography in their spare time.@Austinlee...I would recommend a dslr simply because I have one and know fuckall about any other camera really.You may need it for work and for some urban shots but who knows you could get more into it in the long term.You also have forum here that can help you with any questions you may have.I got a nikon 3years ago with help from people here and asked my first questions about photography.It really helps when people have similar cameras and theres so much secondhand stuff on the net.When Im out and about with my "serious"dslr I use a 18mm-200mm lens 90% of the time...its great...all you need to carry around.
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