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Ok so last night I experimented with it,and I think its gonna work out

(thats what she said! )

I removed all the grids and the city runs soooo fast!! omigosh I love it!! saves in under 15 seconds!!!

This is not an update,I know it looks like one,but the pics are old


1-Historic waterfront area,just like now. The beaches will stay.
2-you know al the buildings on the bay side?

Well,most of those will be moved completely over to that little bay with the number 2. Marine will be front and center.

3-Yes,That will be a big park,the bayfront buildings will now be parkside,Galcorp and friends,etc will be on a park,so people wont have to worry about falling into the ocean.

4-Downtown-pretty much the same,with some changes



7-suburbs of all types,winding down into hills where rich celebritys have there 3rd homes.

So,any questions,comments,concerns?
Fort Worth Urban Development
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