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I see many people getting off topic when it comes to this thread. . . in regards to the "500 Club". . . it is what it is. . . it's a numbers game and purely academic. . . it in no way reflects anything other than what it's meant to. . . that is simply buildings in a city that are taller than 500'. . . nothing more. . . nothing less. . .

Staff. . . everyone on this forum with a half a brain knows that Emporis numbers for most Chinese cities are under-represented. . . no need to remind us of that fact. . . feel free to update us with any inside information regarding building heights you are aware of in the mean-time. . . thanks in advance

Everyone else please take your comments regarding "quality of life" issues to the bleeding heart forums for those people who want to hear about it. . . if you aren't clear as to why I originally created this post, please re-read my first thread or the first paragraph in my latest post. . .

Any comments otherwise will be met with the unforgiving wrath of Steely Dan. . .


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