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Originally Posted by Chicago Shawn
^Its right next door. There are three buildings between Randolph Tower and a State owned office building at Randolph and LaSalle. The group puchasing these three mid-block buildings plan to tear them down and pave a surface lot with some vegitation screening along the sidewalk; and then come back to the city with a high-rise plan for the site within the next two years. It is NOT part of the same plan to covert Randolph Tower to residentail uses. Thank goodness too, because no developer would put up a tall tower next to a building they are converting and obliterate all of the east facing views.

If the development plans fall through, the city will take the property back after 2 years for the original sale price.
Cool. I feel like since the Central Area Plan, the city's P&D is getting more serious about enforcing smart, dense development in the central area; no more (permanent) parking-only structures, buildings built up to the property line, sensible driveway placement, etc.

Interesting that that corner of the loop is getting alot of residential/mixed use all of a sudden. Though there are many surface lots in that neck of the woods too, its a shame that stuff will be torn down while there are empty lots begging to be developed.
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