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A jaw dropping feat of engineering for sure-check out the diagrams in the link!

Palace Theater To Be Lifted 29 Feet For Expanded Facilities And Retail
Preservation consultant Elise Quasebarth of Higgins Quasebarth & Partners said it was originally built for vaudeville before becoming a movie house and home to other productions and eventually a Broadway theater. When constructed, it was actually surrounded by an office building bearing the “Palace” name. That bulding was removed in 1988.
Architect Scott Duenow of PBDW Architects said that the theater, with its 1,700-plus seat capacity, is now encompassed by the 45-story DoubleTree hotel tower. He described it as a separate building, basically a box with an inch-gap.

How will it be moved? Put simply, it will be jacked up. Put less simply, some of the current truss would be reinforced and then another part of it would be removed. A protective crate would be constructed around the theater, both above and below ground. Temporary shoring corner towers would also be put in place. Then beams would be inserted for the theater’s new platform before jacks using a telescopic hydraulic system are also inserted.

Then the theater will literally be jacked up one inch at a time
. “After the first inch, the rest is just repetitive,” Mazzo said. After every lift, they will check to make sure everything is going well. He estimates it will take two weeks to lift the theater.
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