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Originally Posted by Zapatan View Post
It is prime real estate, 750' seems like a waste.
Exactly how "prime" is this real estate?

One of the longest economic expansions in recent memory, record downtown job growth, low interest rates, a rebirth of companies and people moving downtown, and they still couldn't get this shit off the ground?

Hell, the Old Post Office got sold posthumously by a halfwit landbanker in Britain, got a $1 billion loan, and is now sopping up tenants like the world outside the OPO is about to end.

That huge albatross should never have made it out of the abyss, but a bunch of New Yorkers had vision and are rebuilding it into what will certainly be one of downtown Chicago's most valuable assets.

Meanwhile, these clowns who own 130 N Franklin can't get this one project off the ground.
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