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Originally Posted by JET View Post
That's not fair, that's not what she said. Her vote reflected her concern that staff are being inconsistent. ....
I don't know that it's unfair. It's definitely what was reported. She has never (to my knowledge) clarified

Quote attributed to Waye Mason in his op ed piece in the Chronicle Herald: "... said she was voting for [the proposal] necause bad development in Dartmouth had been approved and 'now it's Halifax's turn.'"

Described as "Revenge Vote":

Not fair to protect HRM's citizens who aren't in a position to vote for her: "... city planners approved buildings that didn’t fit the guidelines in Dartmouth, [therefore] she couldn’t vote against it and face her residents."

Voted out of "spite"

Bottom line - whether it was spite or because staff were "inconsistent" she felt it was a poor development and supported it anyway.
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