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Originally Posted by miketoronto
My views.

I just don't get the obsession with Target, when it is no different then a WOOLWORTHS or ZELLERS. Just don't get it when people in Toronto make weekend trips to go shop at Target. ITS A ZELLERS WITH A DIFFERENT NAME. My mom agrees with me to about that.

And the European chains are no better. H&M, MANGO, ZARA. Soon there will be no need to visit Europe. Because all their stores will be in the Eaton Centre anyway. I will admit I have bought pants from ZARA($120.00 buck pants down to $30.00. Had to buy). But still, lets nuture some Canadian stuff for once, again.
Le Chateau manufactures something like 50% or 60% of their clothing in Canada.

Hudson's Bay Company the oldest corporation in North America, is totally redoing their downtown stores now, to make them more classy and bring them back to the 50's heyday attractions they once were in many of our cities and still are to some extent. So far the renovations at the downtown Toronto store are amazing.
miketoronto, you crack me up! I think Target is different from Woolworths in that you'd have to travel in a time machine (or go to the UK, Australia, NZ or South Africa) to visit one.

I agree with the Europe comment. Now that I live in London, there are constantly people asking me if the Tesco is behind that big clock tower

I didn't know Le Ch√Ęteau manufactured so much clothing in Canada. I frankly didn't realize we had that much polyester and mesh in the country!
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