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Originally Posted by sentinel View Post
Curious, why such animosity against the place (and to clarify, not you specifically, but from others who've expressed the same feelings in the forum)?
Because the passenger facilities at O'Hare are an embarrassment by international standards and increasingly by US standards as well. As someone who flies out of O'Hare 20-30x per year I just want and expect better. Every terminal at O'Hare needs to be razed by 2030, not just T2 as currently planned.

The problem is primarily with design. None of the terminals are designed for the needs of today. They were built in an era when people arrived shortly before departure, had meals served on board, and didn't have to go through any security checks. They just aren't big enough to even be brought up to today's standards. Concourses would all need to be doubled in width, for example, in order to add the needed dining, shopping, and lounge space to bring them up to modern standards.

O'Hare is basically a CTA station for airplanes. Modern airports are shopping malls with runways.

ORD21 is a start but nowhere near enough.
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