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The new and completely seismic design method.

The structures in the earthquake collapse due to the deformation factor. If we check the deformation we will also check the failures. The deformation of the structures increases when the acceleration of the ground is great, the duration of the earthquake is long, and if the period of the soil and the construction coincide to be the same, the coordination is created, which increases the deformation. Catastrophic deformation is created by three factors 1) The inelastic bending displacement of the bearing elements 2) The tipping moment of the walls. 3) The subsidence of the soil. The inelastic bending displacement of all load-bearing elements (beams, columns and walls) is stopped if we prevent the bending of the vertical load-bearing elements. The bending of the vertical load-bearing elements is stopped when we choose (instead of placing columns) large walls of reinforced concrete of diaphragm function. The stiffness of the walls increases when we apply to them (using prestressing tendons) transverse compressive forces in their cross section With this design method, we stop the deformation resulting from the bending of the transverse support elements which deflects and bends and the trunks of the horizontal support elements. Wall overturning torque. What does not bend is more easily overturned. To prevent the rigid prestressing wall from tipping over, simply join the bottom of the prestressing tendon with a deep ground anchoring mechanism. With this design we stop the overturning of the wall which deforms the beams and breaks them. The retreat of the ground is prevented by the anchoring of the ground mechanism With this design we prevented the three factors that deform and destroy the structures in the earthquake. Basically if we check the deformation of the structures then it does not matter if the earthquake has great acceleration, long duration, and is coordinated with the construction, because we deflect the forces of the earthquake into the ground, preventing them from being directed at the cross sections of the nodes and breaking them.
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